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  • Centrum Konferencyjne WPP
    Fabryczna 10, Wrocław
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This crash course is comparable to individual coaching sessions due to an intimiate group up to 6 people. here are a few skills  that you will enhance during this course:

persuade to solutions and ideas
communicate more efficiently with the team
• build a convincing business and expert image of yourself and the company
• strengthen your expert position
• improve your interpersonal relations in your professional life
express your thoughts in English more efficiently


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Who is it for

  • entrepreneur
  • team leader
  • business developer
  • project manager
  • sales leader
  • executive
  • start-up founders
  • stakeholder
  • high-achiever


In a business-oriented ambiance, you will improve:


We met few years ago during start up acceleration program Climate-KIC where Aleksandra was responsible for teaching us how to perform better during pitching sessions. Since then, we have been using here services to prepare us for every event. Thanks to her we are not only better on the stage, but we managed to win quite a lot international start up contests.

Rafał Lachowski Board Member @Plantalux Sp. z o.o.



Do you know what soft skill investment has one of the biggest ROIs? Public speaking! That’s how high Warren Buffet, one of the most successful American investors, values it as a self-development asset. I couldn’t agree more. The ability to persuade a business partner to a project, a client to your product, or an investor to your business development plan is fundamental if you’re planning to make it in a world where we constantly fight for attention.

What will I practice?

To take part in this 14-hour crash course, it is enough if you speak to a group of people at work and not perform on big international stages. We will work on your ability to give effective feedback, motivate your team to do the job, or present your company in just 60 seconds or less. We’ll go through handy structures that make you feel comfortable when asked to speak off the cuff. We will ask each other difficult questions to find a way to answer them professionally. Most importanly, you’ll get a set of handy expressions in English to do that all.

How big is the group?

Tiny! I work with small groups up to 6 people, so every participant gives several speeches in front of the group. It is a good idea to reserve your place in advance. I love diversity, so I hope to see people from all walks of life, industries, and management levels who want to share their passions and knowledge with us. It is time to speak it smart and take your career to the next level!




Public speaker’s goodie bag

Get a business speaker’s goodie bag that will inspire you to talk to larger audiences in a more professional way! You’ll also receive:

  • recordings of all your speeches with professional evaluations of each one of them from the European Evaluation Champ – yup, that’s me;)
  • a final evaluation sheet with recommendations for the future development of your public speaking career
  • an elegant diploma that you can post on social media or hang on your office wall to remember about the public speaking tips

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to sharpen your public speaking skills and make a lasting impression on any audience. Register now for our workshop!

Connect with your audience, winning them over with a confident voice and engaging content.

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