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A few benefits from a dozen that you’ll get after this course:

  • Practice comparable to individual coaching in an intimate max. 6 people group
  • Control stress in public speaking situations
  • Engage the audience, attract and maintain their attention
  • Build a credible and powerful professional image of yourself
  • Improve your chances of employability and promotion
  • Develop better relationships through enhanced communication skills
  • Express your thoughts in English more efficiently

Who is it for

  • IT Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Educators
  • Coaches
  • Influencers
  • Instagramers, Youtubers, Tiktoters
  • Self-development fans


Meet other people who are eager to brush up their skills on:

  • BODY LANGUAGE CONTROL: Learn to attract the audience’s attention by compelling body posture and controlled body movement. Incorporate expressive gestures into the speech while ditching distracting body habits.
  • MELODIC VOCAL VARIETY: Practice each step of clear, strong, and pleasant to listen to voice use. Learn when it is time to highlight a word, and when it is better to pause. Discover all the melodic elements of English prosody.
  • ELEVATOR PITCH: Create and deliver a 60-second service or production pitch. Use it later on in a variety of business and social situations. Learn this presentation template to adapt it to differentiating communicative situations.
  • VALUABLE AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: Engage your audience in a variety of ways. Use rhetorical devices to make them remember the most important parts of your speech.
  • CREDIBLE SELF-PRESENTATION: Take advantage of all elements of a good speech to build a professional image of yourself as a speaker. Help the audience believe you more.

Alex encouraged me to be myself, boosted my personality through perfectly adjusted vocabulary and body language. As a result, I had a great fun during my presentation, no stress, no pressure, just FUN! Thank you, Alex!

Olga Tanasheva, Release Planning Lead @ Global SAP Solution


„Great presentation! I’d like to hear more from you. ”
Don’t we all love to get such feedback after a presentation at work or a speech at a local gathering? Public speaking is the fundamental skill behind any other professional or personal success, whether you are a sales rep or an academic lecturer.

Who will teach me?

A professional stage performer. Based on my work experience gained as an event host, voice-over artist, and presentation coach, I’ve created a universal course that will allow you to practice your presentation skills just like during individual coaching in an open and friendly atmosphere.

What will I learn?

During the 9-hour crash course I will  provide you with solid foundations of public speaking, whether you’re just preparing for a job interview or a tech conference speech. The course is divided into 2 days to use the brain power to its fullest and not suffer from information overload or energy deficiency. This total immersion course is for those who still feel at a loss when they need to manage a slideshow, look at the crowds, speak with an enthusiastic melody…and say something „smart.” A level of B1 in English is required to join this course. Having said that, I will show you the most common English expressions that will help you present your information fluently.

I will share with you all I have learned in practice during the past years of hosting international and local events, coaching startups, sales reps, team leaders, and lecturers on how to „speak it smart” and make a difference at your workplace and your surroundings.

How big are the groups?

Tiny! I work with small groups up to 6 people, so everybody gives several speeches in front of the group. That’s why it’s better to reserve your place in advance. I love diversity, so I hope to see people from all walks of life who want to share their passions and knowledge with us. It’s time to speak it smart!

Public speaker’s goodie bag

Get a public speaker’s goodie bag that will inspire you to start spreading the news in front of people! You’ll also receive:

  • recordings of all your speeches with professional evaluations of each one of them from the European Evaluation Champ – yup, that’s me;)
  • a final evaluation sheet with recommendations for the future development of your public speaking career
  • an elegant diploma that you can show around or hang on your office wall for nice memories

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to sharpen your public speaking skills and make a lasting impression on any audience. Register now for our workshop!

Connect with your audience, winning them over with a confident voice and engaging content.

1785 zł gross or in 2 instalments


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